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My name is Tanisha.

I was raised in the charming  Annapolis Valley -  hopping hay stacks and plugging my nose as we drove past the freshly fertilized fields. I now reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I enjoy savouring sunrises and sunsets on the buzzing and beautiful waterfront boardwalk.  

I have always dreamed of pursuing a life filled with creativity and art, so here I am, doing just that!  The process of my artwork is both therapeutic and introspective. Sometimes a painting can be a mirrored image of what I feel on the inside. Sometimes it can be a joyful activity of tranquility and calmness, and others it can be chaotic and messy outlet for pain or rage. The best part? It's all your choice! 

Aside from making messes and splashing paint onto canvases, my interests lie in fashion, modelling, mental health & wellness. I am a strong advocate of supporting small and local. I attribute my sense of community to growing up in the valley. Supporting local is a way to strengthen your community and see direct impact on people like your neighbours, friends and family.

If you've read this far, I genuinely thank you for your time. Here is my message to you and something that I aim to help other people see in their own ways: Each day is a day to create your world. If you want something - take action. You do not have to be fearless, you just have to be brave.


Again, thank you,


Owner and Artist
Créer de Lune Gallery

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Follow my creative journey on instagram!  @tanisha.hfx

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